Each agent in Nerd Realty has an iPad and can do an entire transaction on it. Our customers like that they never have to print a single sheet of paper throughout the process! Oh, and we have over a 100 cool apps!

Nerd Realty loves photography! Every picture you see in this website was taken by us. Nobody likes seeing picture after picture of your thumb. We like to make our pictures stand out!

One thing our buyers really love is that we take a video of every unit you see and then send them a YouTube link by email. It helps our customers remember what they saw and they can share it with mom and dad!

In typical nerd fashion, we created a 400 variable database that studies trend in Vizcayne and the Greater Downtown Miami area. We can talk nerdy to you!

Be remarkable!

Nerd Realty

We know our stuff!

Nerd Realty

Spam sucks! We are anti-spam!

Nerd Realty

We take good pictures!

Nerd Realty

We use a lot of cool technology to improve our service quality!

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Realtor | Husband | Miami Heat Fan | Miami Dolphins Fan | Rollerblader | Foodie

Tommy Barone
Cell/Text: 305-527-2022

12+ Years Real Estate Experience

Tommy has worked in the Real Estate industry since before even iPads were invented! He has always worked hard to make sure his clients are able to live their dream!

University of Miami and University of Florida

Tommy went to UM for Film school and then transferred to University of Florida!

Born and Raised in Miami

Tommy has lived in Miami his whole life and knows all the insider information about this town!

Tommy Barone was inspired by our beautiful Miami skyline! Tommy was born and raised in Miami and watched Miami transform from vacant lots and small buildings into the beauty you see today! Tommy was so amazed by this transformation that he had to start a career in real estate! Fast forward to today, and Tommy is entering his second decade as a real estate agent! Over the years he has met a lot of great and interesting people and enjoys what he does! Tommy Decided to join Nerd Realty in 2017 because he saw all of the cool digital presence they have and wanted to be part of something new! Prior to real estate, Tommy was a filmhead working on the set of many major movies. If you are looking to talk about real estate, Tommy is your guy! Give him a call!