Downtown Miami is the superstar of Miami! It is where everyone wants to be. It is the best of all features. Downtown Miami is much more calm and less traffic than Brickell; has great shopping,  boat rides, parks, museums, daily grocery shopping, and more. It also has some amazing food! It seems that cool new restaurants pop up every week in Downtown Miami! Transportation is also very good in Downtown. There are many people mover stations that connect Downtown to Brickell and the Omni area. There is also train facilities that go directly to the Miami International Airport which is really convenient for people who like to travel! Downtown Miami is only for the cool people, but if you are on this site you are cool so come take a look!


1. Miami Heat Game
If you live in Miami then you have to be a Miami Heat fan (if not please leave)! The AAA arena where the heat play is located in Downtown Miami. Being able to walk to a game without worrying about parking is a huge luxury for residents! Not to mention a lot of units have a great view for the championship parade ;).
2. Bayside Marketplace
Bayside is the epicenter of downtown tourism! People from all over the world enjoy an outdoor mall filled with restaurants, cafes, shops, and more. It over looks the Biscayne Bay and has some really spectacular views. It is usually filled with life and live music performances! It also has a huge marina in case you feel the urge to explore the open bay!
3. Bayfront Park
Bayfront Park is Miami’s version of Central Park in New York City. This is a place where you can enjoy a stroll while watching the mother nature’s beautiful Biscayne Bay, learn to fly with a trapeze swing, take a free yoga class, or just meet your neighbors. Some of Miami’s largest events such as the Ultra Music Festival is held in Bayfront Park. This truly is a great escape from in a concrete jungle. Check it out!


There is a lot of good food in Downtown Miami if you know where to look! Luckily you have Nerd Realty as your culinary guide! Check out our top restaurants in Downtown Miami in the list below!

  1. Fratelli Milano (http://www.ristorantefratellimilano.com/)
    If you are looking for some good homemade pasta then step right on into Fratelli Milano! We love to see places put some love into their cooking! The prices are very reasonable and the food is excellent! Try the Fiocchi di Pera e Taleggio which is pasta filled with pear and taleggio cheese and butter sage sauce! Really delicious!
  2. Pollos Y Jarras (http://pollosyjarras.com/site/)
    Go to Pollos Y Jarras and make your taste buds smile. The chefs over there are really masters of flavor! They give you this soup to start which is out of this world good! This is Peruvian food at its finest! For family style pigging out try the Punish Me Baby Bar-B-Q Again and Again which is a huge shareable tray of filet mignon, churrasco steak, grilled chicken, and chicken anticucho. Your welcome!
  3. 10 Fruits (http://www.tenfruits.com/)
    Eating healthy usually conjures memories of my mom forcing me to eat Brussels sprouts (yuck!), but this place actually makes healthy taste good! 10 Fruits has a lot of healthy smoothie options, salads, and acai bowls! You can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu but our recommended plate is the whole wheat waffles with mounds of strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and agave syrup! Also, make sure you try the Green Giant smoothie. Just trust us on this one!
  4. Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue (http://sparkysroadsidebarbecue.com/)
    Miami was missing some good old fashioned BBQ! Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue is a hole in the wall local favorite! Our recommended dish is hands down the Tyler’s Pressed sandwich! Be sure to try out their variety of BBQ sauces! Really good stuff here!